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Classic Blend Popping Oil, 1 Gallon (Case Pack of 4)

Classic Blend Popping Oil, 1 Gallon (Case Pack of 4)
Classic Blend Popping Oil, 1 Gallon (Case Pack of 4)Classic Blend Popping Oil, 1 Gallon (Case Pack of 4)
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Our Original Movie Theater Classic Blend Popping Oil is a must-have for any concession stand! The Classic Blend is so named because it is a premium blend of coconut oil and corn oil for a delicious flavor that is sure to please.

*65% less fat than coconut oil *Trans-fat free *Gallon sized plastic container with screw on cap

Because this oil is a special blend, it is a liquid and able to be poured/pumped at room temperature (approximately 75 F).

Special Note: Due to the colder temperatures during colder months or in colder storage points, the oil may have a different consistency compared to the stock photo.

It is completely normal for the oil to separate, due to the coconut oil portion of the ingredients. A special property of coconut oil is that it varies between a solid and liquid, depending on the temperature it is exposed to.

Do not be concerned if it takes an extended amount of time for the oil to return to its liquid state, or if is too thick to pump.

If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 870-270-2705! Thanks!

Single gallon dimensions: 11.5 x 6 x 6

Master case dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 (case = 4 gallons)

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