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Fresh, tasty popcorn is a favorite snack of almost everyone - a treat as American as apple pie thatís much easier to make! Next time youíre shopping for a unique wedding gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift or birthday gift, we hope youíll consider our gourmet popcorn gifts. Not only will the recipient get a gift that keeps on giving, but you wonít likely run the risk of buying them something they already have, or just received three of!

Our extensive selection of popcorn gift baskets and sets includes something for every occasion and budget. With dozens of delicious options, many of which include the famed Whirley Pop stovetop popper, you might find yourself buying some popcorn gifts for yourself! In fact, many customers who arrive at looking to buy a Whirley Pop popper end up opting for one of our popcorn gift sets instead. Not only do they get the Whirley Pop they were looking for, but also a generous sampling of our gourmet popping corn, toppings, and fun supplies. Our popcorn gift baskets are one of the best deals in town if we do say so ourselves! Flavorful, healthy fun thatís hot off the popper. What more can you ask for? Browse our popcorn gift sets and get ready to wrap up the perfect present!

Red Carpet Premiere Popcorn Party Set
Plenty of Popcorn Whirley Pop Gift Set
Ready-To-Give Movie Night Gift Set
Monkey See, Monkey Do...Popcorn (Original Whirley-Pop / Red)
Popping with American Pride (Original Whirley-Pop / Color Changing)
Popcorn Makes Me a Happy Camper (Original Whirley-Pop / Red)
From Our Crazy Home to Yours...(Original Whirley-Pop / Color Changing)
The Perfect Sampler Set (Original Whirley-Pop / Stainless Steel)
A Sensationally Sweet Special Delivery (Sweet & Easy Snack Machine / Stainless Steel)
Tip Your Hat to the Happy Couple
Fixin's for a Perfect Movie Night (Original Whirley-Pop / Silver)
Bushels of Popcorn Cheer (Original Whirley-Pop / Silver)
Picture Perfect Gift Set (Original Whirley-Pop / Silver)
Movie Night Care Package (Original Whirley-Pop / Stainless Steel)
Popcorn Wishes (Original Whirley-Pop / Silver)
Homemade Goodness (Original Whirley-Pop / Silver)
Mini Movie Night Gift Set with Reusable Medium Tub
Vintage Movie Night Marquee Gift Set
Dynamic Duo Popcorn Gift Set - Zesty Cheddar Meets Vintage Red
Dynamic Duo Popcorn Gift Set - Creamy Ranch meets Tender & White
Dynamic Duo Popcorn Gift Set - Movie Theater Meets Big & Yellow
Burlap Popcorn & Wooden Crate Gift Set
Epic Game Night Popcorn Gift Set
Maple Cinnamon Pecan Popcorn Crate Gift Set
A Twizzlin' Popcorn Treat Gift Set
Pop. Eat. Repeat. Popcorn Gift Set
Whirley Pop Authentic Movie Night Popcorn Set
Fresh from the Farm Popcorn Crate Gift Set
The Magic of Popcorn Gift Set ... New Color Changing Whirley Pop
Nostalgic Cello Gift Set
Night at the Movies
Happy Camper Gift Set
Organic Popcorn Wooden Crate Gift Set
Classic Fresh from the Farm Popcorn Gift Set
Classic Complete Popcorn Gift Set
Old Fashioned Complete Popcorn Gift Set
Old Fashioned Fresh from the Farm Popcorn Gift Set
The Grandiose Gift Set
Wacky Game Night Popcorn Set
One of a Kind Whirley Pop Popcorn Trio
Sweet & Petite Complete Popping Set
Sweet, Fun Time Treat Whirley Pop Set
Popcorn Lovin' Gift Set
Pass the Popcorn Set
Dynamite Popcorn Gift Set
Movie Night Popcorn Set
The Whirley Pop Simple Sampler Set
Perfect Popcorn, Perfect Bowl
Go Big or Go Home Popcorn Party Pack
All Natural Popcorn Gift Set
Popcorn is in the Air Gift Set
A Sweet & Salty Surprise Popcorn Gift Set
Straight From the Farm Gift Set
Fire Pit Fun Gift Set
On The Edge of too Much Fun..
BINGO Bonanza Popcorn Gift Set
Pretty in Pink... A Sweet Treat
Whirley Pop+Popcorn+Buckets=Fun
Football Jumbo Party In A Box
Football Flag Set - Penalty and Challenge Flag
Open-Fire Beginner Combo Pack
Simply Sweet Starter Pack
Whirley Pop Starter Set
Naturally Perfect Gift Set
Whirley Pop Popcorn & Popcorn Canister Gift Set
Timeless Gift Set
Jumbo Party In a Box Gift Set
Family Size Fun Gift Set
Popcorn Fun Gift Set
Snack! Shoot! Score! Popcorn Gift Set
Extreme Popcorn Party Kit
Popcorn Essentials Care Package
Peace, Love & Popcorn Gift Set
The Extreme Popcorn Gift Set
The Ultimate Sweet & Easy Gift Set
Buckets of Family Fun Gift Set
Light Up The Party
Amish Country Gift Set
Old Fashioned Showtime Popcorn Gift Set
Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper + 20 Premeasured Popcorn Pouches
Popcorn Lover Gift Set
Popcorn Seasoning Gift Set
Popcorn of the Month Gift Set
Lasting Impressions Wedding Gift Set
Old Fashioned Showtime Popcorn Starter Gift Pack
"Our First Game Night" Personalized Gift Set
Classic Wedding Gift Set
The Perfect "Over The Hill" Gift Set
The Great Outdoors Gift Set
Gourmet Popping Corn Assortment Pack
Complete Popcorn Starter Gift Set
Fresh From the Farm Popcorn Gift Set
Popcorn Sports Bowl
Memories in the Making Gift Set
Rustic Tin Buckets
Tin Popcorn Storage Canister
Sweet & Salty Snack Pack
Classic Elegance Gift Set
Poppin' with Festive Cheer Gift Set
Dyn-o-mite Gift Set
Popcorn Pizzazz Package Gift Set
Popcorn for All... and for All a Movie Night Gift Set
Organic Popcorn Popping Kit Crate Gift Set
PopcornPopper $25 Gift Certificate
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