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Flavorful Medley, Vintage Red, Purple and Blue Varieties
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Flavorful Medley, Vintage Red, Purple and Blue Varieties
<b>Unique Varieties</b><br>Flavorful Medley, Vintage Red, Purple and Blue Varieties

Fresh from the Farm ... Unique Varieties of Gourmet Popping Corn

So many popcorn varieties to choose from, and thankfully, so many reasons to try them all! It’s no mistake that popcorn is among the most popular snacks ever enjoyed. It’s tasty, affordable, filling and fun to eat. And – there’s all the gourmet popping corn varieties to consider! Each brings a unique taste that is still decidedly ‘popcorn’ flavor, giving you plenty of opportunity to see everything this anything-but-boring snack has to offer.

While each of our gourmet popping corn varieties offers a distinct kernel color, all pop up to be a traditional shade of white. But the kernel color does help you distinguish them from one another, and indicate what kind of flavor you can expect. Ourblue popping corn has a slightly sweeter taste, while our red heirloom popcorn brings a nuttier characteristic. Our purple heirloom popcorn is packed with antioxidants, and has less hulls than most varieties. Want a fabulous fusion of flavors and popcorn perks? Opt for our gourmet popping corn medley and experience the best each has to offer!

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