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Popcorn Kits | Popcorn for Popcorn Machines

Here you'll find the easiest way to pop up the best popcorn at home with maximum convenience - our all-inclusive popcorn kits! Our hand-cranked stovetop popcorn poppers don't like being empty for very long, so whether you're craving some Whirley Pop kettle corn, or theater style popcorn, you'll find everything you need in the selection below. Each of the Wabash Valley Farms popcorn kits for popcorn machines we offer features top-quality ingredients through and through. Combining the best popper with the best popcorn results in the finest, freshest, most flavorful treat you can eat!

Each of our popcorn kits comes with pre-measured amounts of premium popping oil, gourmet popcorn and seasonings. All you have to do is cut the top off the kit and pour into your Whirley Pop! Popcorn Popper offers popcorn for popcorn machines of all sizes. We also strive to meet everyone's needs with a variety of kit sizes. And, our smaller kits give you more freedom to try a bunch of flavors. You might have fallen in love with our popular Whirley Pop kettle corn, but surely there's room in your heart and bowl for theater popcorn as well!

Available in: Real Theater Style, Less Salt/Less Oil Real Theater Style and Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn (Sugar Glaze)

** Note: Our Popcorn Kits do not contain trans fats or MSG and are Gluten-free!**

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Thanks so much! My husband and I enjoy our Whirley Pop so much, that when we learned his dad was getting remarried, we knew just what to get them for a wedding gift. I've never before been so ... read more

--M.F. Jordan, Baltimore MD

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