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Popcorn Seasonings - Dress It Up with Seasonings!

Popcorn Seasoning | Popcorn Toppings

While our top-quality kernels pack plenty of their own flavor, variety is the spice of popcorn life! Here you’ll find the most tempting selection of gourmet popcorn seasoning to please every palate. And with such affordable prices on each, there’s no need to choose a favorite. Grab a few that sound good to you, and have fun experimenting with popcorn toppings galore! You can enjoy each on their own, mix them together, or pair them with other ingredients for a truly customized bowl of popcorn delight.

Quality, inventiveness and authentic flavor are what make these selections the best popcorn seasoning on the market. Our popcorn experts couldn’t find a seasoning that suited their tastes or met their standards, so they set out to create their own! Unlike many popcorn toppings, which can bring an overly-salty or artificial flavor, our gourmet popcorn seasoning tastes fantastically fresh. Instead of simply shaking our popcorn toppings atop a pile of popcorn, you can be confident that you are truly enhancing its already-amazing taste. Grab a popcorn seasoning sampler with 4 flavors packed into one segmented shaker, or try individual popcorn toppings including: Zesty Cheddar, Creamy Ranch, Sweet Caramel, Buttery Jalapeno, Garlic & Cheese, and more!

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