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Sweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless Steel

Sweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless Steel
Sweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless SteelSweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless SteelSweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless SteelSweet & Easy Snack Machine - Stainless Steel
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The Sweet & Easy Snack Machine lets you make perfect popcorn and combine it with candy, nuts, fruits, and spices for extra special treats. With the new direct drive stirring mechanism you can even roast your favorite nuts! The beautiful craftsmanship makes this a popper you will want to display year round.

Sweet & Easy features:
  • Locking, spring-loaded, hinged lid combined with a wide opening on the pan allows for smooth pouring.
  • Durable Stainless Steel pan holds 6 full quarts of delicious popcorn.
  • Effortless stirring - the direct drive crank easily handles the thickest of mixtures.
  • Hard Coat Anodized lid is extra thick and resistant to scratching, chipping, and peeling.
With the Sweet & Easy you can make:
  • A wide range of treats - create endless combinations of sweet & savory treats using the free full color recipe book that comes with every snack machine.
  • Incredible snacks such as: heartland kettle corn, ooey gooey chewy carmel corn, for the love of chocolate, chocolate peanut clusters, plus much, much more(and of course, great tasting hot & crunchy popcorn!).
  • Perfect popcorn every time - direct drive crank handles the gooiest mixture, ensures every kernel pops, and an even coating of all ingredients.
  • Free stuff - every Sweet & Easy comes with a free Real Theater All-Inclusive Popping Kit, recipe book and a 25 year warranty.
*Please note: The Sweet & Easy is not guaranteed to work on all induction cook tops.

As a cleaner, we recommend EZ Brite Stainless Steel Cookware Cleaner (Paste).
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Instructions for Use

Seasoning Instructions: First Time Use
  • Wash the pan fresh out of the box. Then Season it by doing the following:
    1. Pour a tablespoon of vegtable oil into the pan
    2. Tilt and roll the pan to coat the bottom and sides
    3. Heat for 20 seconds, or until oil is hot (do not leave pan unattended)
    4. Remove from heat and allow to cool
    5. wipe out with a paper towel

    6. Popping Instructions
      • Pour ingredients in the popper, according to the measurements below. Use the proper combination of oil and popping corn.
      • Full batch of popcorn (6-quart, 24 cups): 1/2 cup popping corn* and 1-3 tablespoons oil
      • Partial batch of popcorn (1-quart, 4 cups): 1 tablespoon popping corn and 1 teaspoon oil
      • Because some gourmet hybrids, such as Baby White, Ladyfinger, or Baby Yellow, pop up smaller, you may need to add more popping corn to make a full batch.
      • As you become familiar with your Sweet & Easy, you may find you can reduce the amount of oil to as low as a single teaspoon, which reduces fat content.
      • Before placing the popcorn popper on your gas or electric stove, follow these instructions. If electric, preheat the burner to medium-high heat before placing the popper with ingredients on the burner. If gas, place popper with ingredients on burner and set to medium heat.
      • Hold the side handle with one hand and slowly turn the top crank in a clockwise direction with your other hand. Continue stirring like this through the entire process (about 3 minutes), until you only hear an occasional pop or until the crank becomes somewhat difficult to turn. DO NOT force the crank.
      • Remove from heat immediately. Open the lid flap (be cautious of steam), lock in place, and pour popped corn into a serving bowl. Let stand a minute or two to maximize crispiness. Add butter, salt, or your favorite seasonings and enjoy!

      • Frequently Asked Questions:

        How do remove or attach the lid on my Sweet & Easy?

        Lid Removal: Your lid assembly should be affixed securely by 3 clips-one above the handle, the second directly across from the handle and the third located on the lid half. Make sure your popper is cool before trying to remove the lid. First release the small metal clip holding down the lid half. Then, while holding the black handle with one hand, use the other hand to pull the metal clip, located above the black handle, up gently and it will release from the pan. Continue lifting the lid and remove the entire lid assembly.

        Attaching The Lid: While sitting and centering the lid onto the pan, align the metal clip with the black handle. Then press down on the metal clip closest to the black handle, ensuring the clip completely snaps onto the pan. Next, press down on the lid half clip to lock onto the pan. Lastly press down on the metal clip directly across from the handle and lock onto the pan. The lid should now be securely attached to the pan and ready for popping.

        See the video below for easy instructions for putting on your Sweet & Easy lid

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