Jumbo Popcorn Tub Variety Pack



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A popcorn tub for everyone... This variety pack offers our Red & White Stripe, Retro Nostalgic, and Happy Camper Camouflage jumbo tubs.

Each of these tubs will hold approximately 42 cups of popcorn. Tubs measure 10" across and 8.5" tall. Durable plastic material means it is easy to enjoy your favorite popcorn snack time after time - tubs are reusable!


  • 1 Red & White Stripe Jumbo Tub: The style makes you feel like you are at the movies.

  • 1 Retro Nostalgic Jumbo Tub: Go back in time this tub featuring old movie reels and a movie ticket.

  • 1 Happy Camper Camouflage Jumbo Tub: Show off just how happy you are while enjoying your popcorn. "Popcorn makes me a happy camper" is the perfect quote for this tub.

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