Nostalgic Popcorn Tub


HS Code: 3924.10.0002

Origin Country: CN

Weight: 1 lbs

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Those were the good ol' days. You can bring them back with a night of Nostalgia and snacking! Especially with your spouse as you recollect those date nights at the movies in your hey days.

Our cinema style popcorn tubs are specially meant for all movie buffs. Get the authentic theatre experience as you snack on your favorite flavour of popcorn in one of these lovely tubs.

With a fun, retro design these tubs are sure to put a smile on your face. Each of these tubs is made with durable plastic, so you can reuse them over and over!

The tubs are available in 3 sizes:

  • Jumbo tubs measure 10” across and 8.5” tall with a capacity for 42 cups of popcorn.
  • Medium tubs measure 7” across and 6” tall. They can hold about 3 quarts of popcorn.
  • Small tubs are meant for individual use. They measure 5.25” across and 5” tall with a 4 cup capacity.

You can get your preferred size individually, or opt for a set of 6!

The set consists of 1 Jumbo tub, and 5 Small tubs ideal for get-togethers.


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