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Some people may call us crazy, but we were tired of the normal, round popcorn bowls - those were boring! 

Here at Wabash Valley Farms, we're definitely not boring, so we created a fun bowl for eating popcorn.

The Popcorn Sports Bowl isn't just a snack bowl...it's also a snack launcher!

Use the included launcher on one end of the bowl to hit your target on the other end - includes both basketball and football targets that are interchangeable for pure, snack-launching fun.


  • 1 Popcorn Sports Bowl.
  • 1 Launcher
  • 1 Basketball Target - complete with hoop and net
  • 1 Football Target

Bowl Dimensions: Top Diameter 11", Bottom Diameter 3.5", Width 7" and Height 5"

Below is a short video of some of our children having a blast playing with the Popcorn Sports Bowls. 

We sincerely hope your family will enjoy them as well.


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