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Enjoy our mini-bulk bin collection – wrapped in a pretty blue bow!

This set has 4 types of kernels:

  • Crimson Red – These deep red kernels are packed with flavor and crunch. They pop into a brilliant white shade of popcorn with small, tight pieces.
  • Valley Bloom – A mix of red, blue, white, and yellow kernels, each with a unique flavor and texture. This is an irresistible blend that is a favorite amongst all popcorn lovers.
  • Golden Harvest – These kernels pop into large, fluffy pieces, which are just like authentic theater-style popcorn. They have a butterfly shape, and the wings perfectly catch all your toppings and seasonings.
  • Simply White – This variety of kernels is prized for its tender, delicate texture and delicious flavor. These brilliant white pieces are light and delicious.

The bulk bins are made from sturdy, durable acrylic. They’re super convenient to stack and store. The included scoop allows you to whip up the perfect serving of popcorn quickly.

Key Features

  • Bulk Bins
  • 4 Kernel Types
  • Natural Goodness In Every Kernel

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