The Grand Popcorn Stand


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Welcome to the Greatest Show.....oops, I mean Greatest Gift Set.

Step right up and let your gift recipient order a fresh batch of steaming hot, buttery popcorn right from their own kitchen.

The Whirley-Pop™ truly is the ultimate popcorn machine. All it takes is your favorite popcorn (fresh gourmet kernels provided), 2 tablespoons oil (you cannot help but love the blend of coconut and corn oil in our classic blend) and less than 3 minutes to create delicious, mouthwatering popcorn to enjoy.

Gift Set Includes:
  • Red Aluminum Whirley Pop 
  • Popcorn Stand Gift Box: Packaged in a Popcorn Stand themed box is Big & Yellow Gourmet Popcorn Kernels2lbs), Movie Theater Style Popcorn Seasoning Stick, and Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Popcorn Seasoning Stick.

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