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HS Code: 2103.90.9070

Origin Country: US

Weight: 2.4 lbs

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If you love a generous helping of all drool-worthy soul food, grab this seasoning pack.  

It includes:

●       Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Popcorn Seasoning - All the goodness of a chocolate chip cookie, but none of the calories! If you have a sweet tooth, this one's going to steal your heart.

●       Bacon Seasoning - Tingle your taste buds with satisfying, finger-licking bacon flavor!

●       Classic Blend Popping Oil - A combination of premium coconut oil and quality corn oil with 65% less fat than coconut oil and zero trans-fats. Say yes to taste and health!  

All you have to do is whip up some of your favorite popcorn in your Whirley Pop with just a teaspoon of the classic blend oil. Sprinkle the seasoning of your choice and enjoy your snack. In just three minutes! 

Key features:

●       Classic Blend Popping Oil

●       2 Delicious Seasonings

●       Multiple Uses

●       Sweet N Bacon


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