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Everyone loves gifting their favorite people a bottle of wine, but we’ve added a unique twist to the tradition!
This fun popcorn wine bottle is the perfect gift for those who love to snack.

The Popcorn Sip and Snack Bottle include 2 lbs. of Gourmet Tender and White kernels. They pop into delicate, crunchy pieces of popcorn that are absolutely irresistible. They take less than 3 minutes to pop in the Whirley Pop and taste amazing with all kinds of toppings.

The bottle has a stylish, sleek design that looks like an extremely fancy bottle of wine. It’s perfect for all kinds of occasions- from housewarming parties and anniversary dinners to birthdays and celebrations!

Popcorn lovers are sure to love the unique packaging, and wine lovers will definitely appreciate the gorgeous bottle, especially when it contains such an irresistible treat.

This is sure to be your go-to gift for all special occasions!
Also includes: Buttery Jalapeno Seasoning, Movie Theater Seasoning, White Cheddar Seasoning, Sweet Caramel Seasoning and the Stainless Steel Popcorn Bowl.

Key Features

  • Unique, Stylish Packaging
  • Tender, Delicate, and Crunchy
  • Perfect for all Occasions
  • Ready to Gift


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