'Season' the Moment with Popcorn Gift Set


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Who said gifting had to be hard? With our classic popcorn, seasonings and ceramic bowl, we made it simple!

Gift Set Includes:
  • Hot & Fresh Popcorn Red & White Striped Ceramic Serving Bowl:  The large serving bowl will hold approximately 12 cups of popcorn.  Measures 9" tall and 7" across.
  • Golden Harvest Bulk Bin:  Made for lovers of big, fluffy popcorn (think theater style). Tender but with plenty of size, these golden yellow kernels pop up crunchy and delicious. When popped, each kernel has a "butterfly" shape, meaning the "wings" of each piece are perfect for catching toppings of all kinds.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Seasoning:  Salty Goodness with a pepper kick!

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