Dinner Delights starring Tender & White Popcorn


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Everyone's favorite food for dinner should be Popcorn!  This medium sized kernel pops up light and fluffy.  And by keeping a few popcorn seasonings on hand, you can sprinkle on Sweet Caramel Popcorn Seasoning when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth and pop with the Movie Theater Style Popcorn Seasoning when you want something a little more savory.  You can even enjoy the Creamy Ranch on a baked potato!  All tucked into the Jumbo Nostalgic Popcorn Tub.

Popcorn Gift Set Includes:
  • 6 lb. Tender & White Gourmet Kernels
  • 30 oz. Real Theater Coconut Popping Oil
  • Sweet Caramel Seasoning
  • Creamy Ranch Seasoning
  • Movie Theater Style Seasoning
  • Jumbo Nostalgic Tub with Blue Bow - holds approximately 9 quarts of popcorn.  Tub measures 10" across the top and is 8.5" tall.

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